Sisters Circle
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We strive to build a foundation of trust through one-to-one relationships—and so much can happen from there. Our mentors welcome the fun and embrace the challenges. They offer a safe space to share and to be. 

Our year-round program model aligns with the Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework of expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, sharing power, and expanding possibilities—all of which prepare young women to successfully navigate through critical life transitions. 

Mentors and mentees alike try new things and learn about one another and the world around them. These strong positive relationships help our girls discover who they are, shape their own goals and lives, and contribute to the community. 

Email to learn more about the meaningful change you could make in someone’s life…including your own. 

Steps to Apply to Mentor

1.Submit our mentor application.
2.We will reach out to schedule an initial phone call.
3.Prospective candidates will proceed with an interview and background check.
4.Attend our two-hour new mentor orientation.
5.Meet your new mentee and her family!
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See what mentoring looks like in action.

Watch this video to hear Jessica and Deidre reflect on their mentoring experience and how it made a difference in both of their lives.